God’s way

Here’s what happened when Kay and her godmother, Alison, read this Bible story together.


Kay is eight years old and she likes dancing.

Kay was not sure of the meaning of one of the words in chapter 16 verse 2 (CEV translation): “the Lord is the judge of our motives”. She asked: “What does ‘motives’ mean?”



Alison explained: “A motive is a reason someone does something. If someone gave you a sweet, it could be for many reasons. It might be because: you have been good and it is a reward; or they like you and want to be your friend; or they want you to do something for them and it is a bribe; or they are a nice person and want to share; or they want people to think they are nice and it will impress other people.

 “God knows what our motives are, so it is important to do things which please God and not for other reasons.”

What would you say?

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