Please forgive me!

Here’s what happened when Sam and his mum, Wendy, read ‘Please forgive me!’ together.


Sam is 9 and likes football.





Sam and Wendy were using a different Bible translation to the one used in the Big Bible Challenge book so Sam’s first questions were about the meaning of some of the words. Here’s what they talked about.

Sam What does ‘transgressions’ mean?

Wendy It’s the same as ‘sin’: doing wrong against God.

Sam And what about ‘iniquity’?

Wendy That means the same as sin, too.

Sam So he is saying ‘forgive me my sins’ over and over?

Wendy Exactly!

Sam Ah, I get it. So is it about asking Jesus to forgive us?

Wendy It is about David asking God to forgive his sins, so it was before Jesus’ time. But, even then, God was a forgiving God. David knew this and was asking God to forgive him as he knew that only God could wipe away all his sins. And David knew that God doesn’t just do this for our benefit but because he is a merciful God. He’s still a merciful God now – he is always looking for us to be brought back into relationship with him. When Jesus died and rose again, God then paid the ultimate price so that we would never again be separated from him.

What would you say?

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