Peter helps a man

Here’s what happened when Ryann and her grandmom, Pat, read this Bible story together.


Ryann is 7 and is a keen reader. She likes soccer and gymnastics.

Ryann asked: “How did it happen? I mean, how did it work? I mean, how did he walk if he couldn’t walk?”


Pat replied: “When Jesus was on earth, he had the power to perform many miracles. Do you know what a miracle is?”

Ryann suggested: “Something you didn’t think could happen? A miracle is something a person couldn’t do.”

Pat agreed: “Right, good answer. So Jesus performed many miracles. He made a lame man walk. He made a blind man see, and he healed many sick people and made them well again. After Jesus died, he sent the Holy Spirit to be with the people who believed in him. And when the apostles, the men who were Jesus’ helpers, received the Holy Spirit, they were given the power to heal people, too, just like Jesus did. So, since Peter was one of Jesus’ apostles, he had the power to heal the lame man.”

What would you say?

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