David is sorry

Here’s what happened when Sam and his godmother, Angela, read this Bible story together.


Sam is 10 and plays the trumpet. He lives near Brussels, in Belgium.

Sam wanted to know: “How did the rich man steal the little sheep from the poor man?”



Angela suggested: “The story of the rich man and the poor man is just something that Nathan made up, so there isn’t a ‘right’ answer. We have to guess what might have happened.

“David sent Uriah away so that he could steal his wife. So I think the rich man sent the poor man away to do a job for him. (In those days, poor people usually had to do what rich people told them.)

 “When the poor man was busy, the rich man sent his servants to take the lamb (I don’t think he would have gone himself when he could have got someone to go for him). When the poor man got back, the lamb was gone.”

What would you say?

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