Elijah and the prophets

Here’s what happened when Katelyn and her dad, Scott, read ‘Elijah and the prophets’ together.


Katelyn is full of questions!

Here’s what they talked about.

Katelyn How deep was the ditch?



Scott Hmmm…I’m not exactly sure. The Bible says it held about 3 gallons. Our milk container is 1 gallon. So if you stack 3 milk containers on top of each other, it may have been about that deep.

Katelyn How many people were there?

Scott 450 Baal prophets, Elijah, all of Israel and 400 prophets. A lot!

Katelyn How big were the pieces of wood?

Scott We don’t know.

Katelyn How old was Elijah when he became a prophet?

Scott We don’t know.

Katelyn How soon or late did God answer Elijah’s prayer?

Scott The Bible says the fire came down from heaven immediately, or right away!

Katelyn How big was Mount Carmel, where the altar was?

Scott 556 feet high and 13 miles long. Very big!

Katelyn Did they really believe in God before the fire came down?

Scott Maybe. At that time we know the Israelites were not obeying God. So Elijah called them to the altar and prayed that God would show them that the Lord is the one true God and they should obey him. After the fire came down, the people definitely believed and cried out, “The Lord is God!”

What would you say?

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