Solomon’s Temple

Here’s what happened when Keziah and her mum and dad, Alison and Peter, read this Bible story together.


Keziah is 7 years old and she found the story of Solomon building the Temple really interesting and asked lots of questions.

Keziah asked: “Why did Solomon build a temple?”



Alison and Peter said: “Solomon built a temple as a place to worship God and a place to be the home for the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the 10 Commandments. Solomon’s father, King David, had wanted to build the Temple himself but God wanted it to be built by a man of peace and King David’s hands were stained with the blood of war: he had killed people. So God said that David’s son Solomon would be given the task of building the Temple.”

 Keziah wanted to know: “What is a ‘Covenant Box’?”

 Alison and Peter explained: “The Covenant Box was a very special box which was made to house the 10 Commandments. These 10 Commandments were written by God’s hand on a tablet of stone and given to the Prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. These 10 Commandments told the people how to live in a relationship with a God who was holy. This relationship was called a covenant and represented the special bond between God and his people. The 10 Commandments were very precious, so they were kept in this specially made box for safekeeping.”

Keziah wondered: “What does ‘wholehearted obedience’ mean?”

Alison and Peter replied: “‘Wholehearted obedience’ to God means doing what God wants us to do all the time, in a way that shows God respect and love and is honouring to others. If we do not wholeheartedly obey what God wants, it makes him sad and also it spoils our relationship between us and God. God promises to look after us and care for us always, so long as we wholeheartedly obey him.”

Keziah had one more question: “What does it mean to face the Temple?”

Alison and Peter answered: “The Temple represented God’s home on earth.  No earthly building could ever be big enough to contain God, but the Temple acted as a symbol of God’s presence on earth. So people believed that if they turned and faced the Temple, God would hear their prayers. To pray means to speak to God. We speak to God for different reasons. These include telling him how much we love him, offering him our praise and worship, asking him for things, and asking him for help on behalf of ourselves or others.”

What would you say?

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