A man can see

Here’s what happened when Connor and his dad, Richard, read this Bible story together.


Connor is 7 years old and he likes trains.

Connor wanted to know: “Why did Jesus show God’s power this way, not some other way?”



Richard answered: “Jesus did various different healings to show that he has complete power over all sorts of problems that people face. He showed his power in lots of ways – healing blindness, skin diseases and paralysis; helping people with evil spirits; he even raised people who were dead. And he showed he had power over nature, like when he fed the 5,000.

 “With this man, he also used what had happened to show that the Pharisees were the ones who were really ‘blind’ and couldn’t see who Jesus was – verses 35–41. They thought they knew better than Jesus or the blind man!”

What would you say?

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