How to pray

Here’s what happened when Dylan and his mum, Naomi, read ‘How to pray’ together.


Dylan is 7 and loves cars, football and LEGO®.

Dylan asked: Why should we do prayer?’




Naomi replied: Why do you think we should do prayer?

Dylan wondered: So God will reward us and we can be Christians?

Naomi explained: Well, God will reward us in heaven for the way we live our lives. But we have to remember that we could never live a good enough life to really deserve to be with God in heaven. He’s actually saved us from that when Jesus died for us on the cross, from having to be punished for the things we do wrong. But when we pray, that’s our way of talking to God and getting to know God better and asking him to help us with the things and people in our lives here on earth. And it helps us to get to know God better and to be happier with God and it makes our lives better here.

What would you say?

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  • Pamela Higgs

    Love your reply Naomi. I think it is relationship. Just as you and Dylan, talk to one another, so does our Father in Heaven wants us to talk with Him. Prayer is communication between us and the Father, who always hears our prayers and so wants to have a relationship with all He created. Bless you Naomi and Dylan. Take care, love, :)) xx

  • Zivile Dylan’s Grandma

    I pray when I am confused or worried or frightened and i ask God to be beside me. W hen I am struggling to make sense of difficulties in life I go to Him and then I don’t feel so alone and feel able to accept what has come to pass. I also pray when I want to say thank you for his quiet presence.

    • Pamela Higgs

      Dear Dylan’s Grandma, as I read your comment this verse came to me, given by a friend for me: The Lord goes before me; He will march with me; He will not fail me or let me go or forsake me; I will fear not, neither become broken in spirit-depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm. -Deut. 31:3 AMP Another beautiful promise from the lord for us, yes His quiet presence and peace. God bless you always. 🙂

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