Lost and found

Here’s what happened when Lewis and his grandma, Ann, read this Bible story together.


 Lewis is 10. He likes going to church when he’s staying at his grandma’s house.

 Lewis:Why would the woman bother about one lost coin?”



Ann: “In those days, she probably only had ten coins. There were no banks so there was no other money available for her. The coins were worth much more than today.”

 Lewis: “It was worth looking for then. One lost sheep would be very important for the shepherd.”

Ann: “Anything else about the story?”

Lewis: “I don’t know what ‘repent’ means.”

Ann: “It means saying sorry and really meaning it, so that you don’t want to do that bad thing again. The things that we do wrong are called ‘sins’.”

Lewis: “It’s a story about saying sorry. That sheep was a like a person who has done something wrong and needs to say sorry before they can come back to the others. The 99 sheep didn’t need to say sorry because they hadn’t done anything wrong.”

Ann: “Do you think the other sheep might ever do something wrong?”

Lewis: “When they do, they will be like the lost sheep and need to say sorry and then others might do sins. So all the time we are all doing sins and saying sorry.”

Ann: “God is happy when we say sorry. God is like the woman who found her precious coin and like the shepherd who found the sheep. We are lost when we do naughty things, until we admit them and say sorry – then we can start again.”

Lewis: “I like that story about the sheep. It’s nice to think that God finds you.”

What would you say?

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