The good Samaritan

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This area of the Big Bible Challenge is all about questions and answers: real questions from real children; and real answers from real adults who are helping them find out about God and the Bible.

Read the Bible passage together. As an adult, you may find that you need to set the scene or explain a bit about what has been happening in this part of the Bible. (If you are not sure, look on the ‘Commence’ and ‘Connect’ pages for this challenge for helpful background and Bible information.)

What is the main question that arises from the story for the child? What is the thing that confuses or distracts them? It might be something that seems pretty unlikely or just impossible; it might be something that doesn’t seem to make much sense or words that they simply don’t understand. They may have more than one question!

How does the Bible Coach answer that question? After you have answered a question, please write up your answer so other children and Bible Coaches can hear your ideas. (Again, if you are not sure, there is help online in the section ‘How does the Big Bible Challenge work?’ and on the ‘Clarify’ page for this challenge.)

Share your own questions and answers with others taking the Big Bible Challenge.

  • my name is billie I am 9 . I attend brigade. Enternal life means that you live forever and never die , like witche and wizards or god and jesus

  • my name is megan i am going to tell you what internal life is ..
    Internal life means someone will never die

  • My name is Katie I am 9. I go to Brigade. My favourite part of the Good Samaritan is when the Good Samaritan helps the hurt man up , because he is being kind although he didn’t really like him much. He was being nice to each other.

  • My name is Jack and I am 8.I go to Brigade.My favourite part of the Good Samaritan is when the Samaritan helps the poor man.

    Why do the robbers attack the man?

  • When Jesus said “go and do the same” what he meant was, go and help someone.

    9 years old

  • my name is conor and i go to boys brigade.
    There is a man walking down the road and he gets beaten up by a rober and the rober runs away with all of his money. After tha a teacher walks past and walked strate past him. the the priminister came up to nhim and waled strate past him then the good samaritanand walked over and took him to get some food and drink.

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