A voice and a vision

Here’s what happened when Dan and his dad, Mike, read this Bible story together.

 Dan, 9, loves football and playing the drums.

Dan said: “He sounds scary – with a sword coming out of his mouth and fiery eyes, I thought it was the devil. Why did he have white hair and bronze feet? And his voice changed – a trumpet and then rushing water.”



Mike explained: “John (who wrote this bit of the Bible) is using imaginative language to describe Jesus when he had risen to be with his Father. He uses some images from the Old Testament to describe him.

“The white robe was a priestly garment; the golden sash denoted a king; the white hair meant he was old and wise – ‘the Ancient of days’. His bronze feet and his voice like rushing water are reminders of God’s messenger in Daniel 10. The trumpet, too, reminds us of a messenger announcing his arrival. So they are word-pictures that represent God bringing an important message to his people.”

What would you say?

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