Hip, hip, hurray!

Here’s what happened when Chris and his mom, Erin, read this Bible story together.

Chris is 8 years old and comes from Pennsylvania; he likes LEGO® and is interested in world-war history.

Chris said: “I think it was an angel who is saying, ‘Don’t worship me.’ So if it is an angel who is saying, ‘Don’t worship me’, then why did John bow to the angel’s feet? Why is the angel saying: ‘Don’t worship me’?”


Erin suggested: “John wrote the book of Revelation through dreams and visions God gave him. Verses 5 and 6 tell us that the voice came from the throne and it sounded like a great multitude, rushing water and thunder. John was in awe and overwhelmed by his senses. Hearing wonderful sounds and seeing beautiful things such as linens for a wedding, was amazing and unexplainable to John. The angel speaks to John, directing him to write what God desires. John then, in observation of all that he is seeing, responds in worship by bowing down – because God is so pure, right and holy. However, John, in his excitement, does bow at the angel’s feet. The angel stops him and re-directs John’s worship – not to the angel, but to God whom we will worship in perfect rightness, when in heaven.”

What would you say?

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