Who’s in charge

Here’s what happened when Matt and his mum, Denise, read ‘Who’s in charge?’ together.


Matt, aged 10, is from Australia.

Matt wondered: The Bible passage was kind of confusing. It’s hard to know what’s going on. Like, how did the lamb get on the throne?



Denise says: To understand John’s vision it might be helpful to think of it like you would a dream you had at night. Sometimes the details in dreams don’t make sense – maybe you were standing on a road in your pyjamas and then suddenly you were in your bedroom. But, if you think about your dream as a whole, you may understand it better. (Maybe you dreamed about wearing your pyjamas to school because you are worried about looking silly in front of your friends!) Thinking about the overall impression that you get, when you read John’s vision, may be a better way to understand it than trying to work out what every little detail means.

What would you say?

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