13 The brothers meet again

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Genesis 42:8.

Find out about a place in the world where people are hungry, thirsty, homeless, or in trouble. Who needs help?

Are there any charity projects that you could support to help them? Talk with your Bible Coach about it.

Think about the difficult things that have happened in your life. Can you see how God is bringing good out of bad?


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The story so far…

The famine affected many areas. Crops did not grow; people used their stores. With very little left to eat, they began to get more and more hungry. In Canaan, Jacob (Joseph’s father) heard that there was food down in Egypt.

Now read Genesis 42:1–8 together.


What happened next…

It must have been strange for Joseph to see his brothers again – but his youngest brother, Benjamin, hadn’t come with them. Joseph pretended that he thought they were spies. To prove that they weren’t, Joseph asked them to leave one of the brothers – a kind of hostage – and then return with the missing brother.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 24 together.


Did you know…?

Grain There was plenty to eat in Egypt because God had shown Joseph the meaning of the Pharaoh’s dreams. The Pharaoh had put Joseph in charge of storing the grain, for seven years, when plenty of crops had grown.

Famine A famine is an extreme food shortage affecting many people in a large region. Jacob’s family would die of hunger if they could not find somewhere to buy food.

Bowing to Joseph The brothers visit the governor of Egypt, who is in charge of selling grain. They have no idea that the governor is their long-lost brother Joseph and they show their respect by bowing to him – and the dream that Joseph had many years earlier comes true!

Try it out

Sometimes bad things seem to happen for no reason. Lots of awful things happened to Joseph. He was hated by his family, sold by his brothers, wrongly imprisoned and lots more.

In it all, God had a plan. While Joseph was in prison, God changed him from a dreamer into a dream-explainer so that he could save lives during the famine. And God was with Joseph all the time.

What do you think Joseph thought about it all? In Genesis 50:20, he says that God had worked through the bad times to do the good things.

Read Romans 8:28. Even when bad and sad things are happening, God is at work helping you and changing you so that one day you’ll see how good things have come from bad times. And God never leaves you – ever!


Talk to God

God used Joseph to help the people in Egypt. Do you want God to use you? Talk to him about it.

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