25 The fall of Jericho

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Joshua 6:16.

When do you like following instructions? When you are making a model; or if you’re cooking brownies? Or doing a science experiment? Why is it useful to have a set of instructions?

Make up a set of instructions for a friend or for your Bible Coach to follow. It could be for anything – how to make a drink, to go from one room in the house to another, to put on rainy-day clothes. What happens if they do exactly what your instructions say?

Can you think of any Bible stories where God gives people instructions?


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The story so far…

Across the Jordan, the people of Jericho were frightened by the approaching Israelites. God told Joshua his plan for capturing the city. The Israelite army was to march around the city for six days, with the priests leading the way, carrying the special chest containing God’s commandments. On the seventh day they were to march seven times around the city with the priests blowing their trumpets. Finally, on a given sign, the priests were to sound a loud blast and everyone had to shout. At that moment, the city walls would fall down and the army would capture the city.

Now read Joshua 6:6–20 together.


What happened next…

The city of Jericho was set on fire and destroyed. Rahab and her family, who lived in Jericho and had helped the Israelites earlier when they had spied out the land, were rescued, just as they had been promised. Joshua became famous throughout the land of Canaan and God helped him in everything he did.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 36 together.


Did you know…?

Jericho This city is set in the desert; it has a freshwater spring that gives it an oasis and makes it a valuable site for a town. People have lived in or around Jericho for more than 6,000 years.

Achan God told the Israelites not to keep anything from the city of Jericho but a man called Achan hid a cloak, silver and gold in his tent. Later, God showed Joshua what Achan had done. Achan was stoned to death by the rest of the Israelites for disobeying God.

Tactics Joshua was a skilful leader and used different ways to capture the cities in Canaan. He sent spies to Jericho to report on what the city was like and then marched around the city. At a place called Ai, his men pretended that they were scared and ran away so that the men of Ai chased after them. But Joshua had other soldiers who were hiding and they captured the city while the army was running after Joshua.


Try it out

Joshua had to listen to God and follow his instructions carefully.

Follow these instructions and see what happens. You won’t see a city wall fall down but you may see a sunflower grow!

You will need:

Small flower pots

Potting compost or soil

Sunflower seeds

Water and a shallow tray or bowl

An old pencil or a thin piece of wood

A long bamboo cane (up to 2 m)


and later:

A garden or a very large flower pot or bucket

What to do:

1 Fill small flower pots with compost. Sow two or three seeds in each pot: push each seed about 1 cm into the compost and cover it over gently again.

2 Water the pot by standing it in a tray of water, until the compost is just damp.

3 Leave the pot in a warm spot indoors and keep the compost damp (but not wet).

4 After a few days, you will start to see tiny green plants growing. Let them grow until they have two leaves, with the next two little leaves just showing.

5 Prepare some more pots. Choose the strongest seedlings and pull them very gently from the pot. Re-plant them so that each seedling has its own pot: make a hole in the compost with the blunt end of a pencil; wiggle the roots into the hole and press down with your fingertips.

6 Keep the pots on a sunny windowsill until the plants are about 8 cm high and until the weather is warm outside.

7 If you have an outside garden, dig a small hole for your sunflower. Tip the plant from the pot, still with the soil on the roots, and put it in the hole. Press loose soil around it. If you do not have a garden, re-plant the sunflower in a much larger pot or bucket.

8 Push the bamboo cane into the soil next to the sunflower and tie it loosely to the stalk.

9 If the soil is too dry, sprinkle it with water. Keep your young plant safe from mini-beasts that want to eat it by cutting both ends off a large plastic bottle and putting it over the plant as a barrier.

10 See how high your sunflower grows!


Talk to God

Here are some instructions that God gives to his people. Choose one of these and ask God to help you to obey it:

Matthew 5:44

Matthew 6:14

Matthew 6:25

Matthew 7:7

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