41 The good shepherd

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Psalm 23:6.

Have you seen pictures or models of wacky machines that will get you dressed, make your breakfast, take the dog for a walk and do everything around the house?!

Be an inventor and invent a pretend machine that will give you food and drink, keep you safe and protect you, cheer you up and make you happy, and look after you. How large is it? What gadgets does it have?

Whom do you know who does all this – and more – for you?


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The story so far…

As a boy, David had looked after his father’s sheep. He knew how important it was for the shepherd to find food and water for the animals – and what it was like to keep them safe from all kinds of danger. When David thought about God, he saw him as a wonderful shepherd and wrote this song.

Now read Psalm 23 together.


What happened next…

People have been using the words of David’s song or “psalm” ever since to tell God how they feel about him.



Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 60 together.


Did you know…?

Shepherds Shepherds had a dangerous and lonely job, working in the fields for long hours and often sleeping outdoors at night. The shepherds had to find grass for the sheep and goats to eat, they had to find water for them to drink and they had to protect them from wild animals and thieves.

Leading In Bible times, a shepherd walked ahead of the sheep; they all followed him.

God the shepherd The Bible often describes God as a shepherd who faithfully looks after his people, no matter what difficulties there are. Read John 10:11 and see who talks about himself as the “Good Shepherd”.


Try it out

Work with your Bible Coach or another friend to create your own psalm, using your own words of praise and response, or choosing verses from the Bible as the basis. Remember, David wrote his songs and psalms to show what he was thinking and feeling and to get across what he wanted to say to God. Use those starting-points for your own psalm.

You could include

  • something good that God has done for you: this could be anything good that has happened to you
  • what you think God is like, who he is and what he does
  • a way in which you celebrate good things
  • something you would like God to do for you

Say your own psalm whenever you take the Big Bible Challenge together.



Talk to God

Which is your favourite part of this psalm? Say David’s words as your own prayer to God.

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