66 The Last Supper

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Luke 22:19b.

 What’s your favourite meal?

Have you been to a special meal when it’s a birthday or Christmas or Thanksgiving? What about a meal to say “goodbye” to someone?

Which special days do you remember in your home or country? How do you celebrate?


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The story so far…

Jesus and his friends went to Jerusalem for the annual Passover festival. Every day, Jesus went to the Temple to talk about God and, every day, many people came to hear him. But some of the Jewish religious leaders were afraid there would be trouble and they started to look for a way to get rid of Jesus. Jesus’ friend Judas agreed to help them. Meanwhile, it was time for the Passover meal…

Now read Luke 22:14–23 together.


What happened next…

After the meal, Jesus went out to pray. His friends went too but kept falling asleep. Jesus prayed hard: he knew he was going to have to do something very hard. Just then, Judas and a group of soldiers arrived. Judas showed them who Jesus was and he was taken away to prison.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 90 together.


Did you know…?

Passover Jesus and his friends met to eat the Passover meal (see Challenge 4) of roast lamb, bread made without yeast and bitter-tasting herbs. It was a reminder, every year, of the meal that Moses and God’s people ate on the last night before God rescued them from slavery in Egypt.

Bread For a week, people ate bread made without yeast so that it did not rise. They did not even allow any yeast in the house!

Wine Four cups of wine were drunk during the meal. Jesus used one cup of wine to tell his friends that he was going to die and that this was so that people could be forgiven by God. They did not really understand what he was saying at the time.

Betray Jesus knew that one of his friends was going to betray him. Judas Iscariot was not happy with some of the things Jesus said and did. He went to the priests and agreed to hand Jesus over to them. They paid him 30 pieces of silver.


Try it out

In many churches, people still use bread and wine to remind them of Jesus. The service may be called “Communion”, “the Eucharist”, “the Mass” or “The Breaking of Bread”. If you go to a church, find out if there is a service like this and what it is called.

Have you been to a church service like this? Ask your Bible Coach to go with you. After the service, read again the Bible story of the last meal that Jesus had with his friends. What was the same at the service you went to? What was different?


Talk to God

“Lord Jesus, help me to see how awesome your actions were. Help me to understand what they mean for me.”

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