Welcome to the Big Bible Challenge! Here on this website you will find plenty of extra resources, guidelines and tips to help you as you use the ‘Big Bible Challenge’ book with your children.

‘Big Bible Challenge’ has 100 Bible readings, arranged in 20 sections or ‘challenges’, each of five Bible stories. Children can explore the ‘Big Bible Challenge’ on their own but it will be even more fun to take the challenge with a Bible Coach, an older friend, to go with you as you take an adventure through God’s great story. Read the book, enjoy the pictures, find out more on this website. Explore the stories, ask your questions, find some answers, try it out, talk to God…. and much more!

  • So thankful to find this website with such a wealth of great resources from a people whom you can trust. I first came across Scripture Union in Sierra Leone in 1972, but have been using their Bible Reading resources since mid 1970s. We have recently moved from UK to Cyprus and have now decided to take up the E100 Bible Challenge in our fellowship in SE Cyprus (Ayia Napa) and are also wanting to work with children who speak English. However, many of our local children from English families are actually fluent in Greek as that is their language at school and English is now their second language, though the one they use at home if both parents are English speakers (usually the case). So, we may need some Big Bible Challenge resources in Greek! Any help anywhere?

    Our Junior Church is small – between 2-10 children ages from 1-9yrs, depending on who comes when. We plan to work with them in two groups under 3s and 4-11s. Ideas and help welcome

    Simon Holloway (Anglican Chaplain to SE Cyprus)

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