56 What to do

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Matthew 5:16.

In fairy stories, characters are often given three wishes. What sort of things do they wish for?

Do these wishes make them happy? Why or why not? What do you think most people think will make them happy?

What do you think would make you happy? Can you think of three things?


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The story so far…

Jesus had started telling people about God and healing people who were ill. Soon, large crowds started following him, far too many people to fit inside a building. So Jesus would find a large open-air space where everyone could see and hear him. Then he would tell them the good news about being in God’s kingdom.

Now read Matthew 5:3–16 together.


 What happened next…

Jesus taught many more things about God’s kingdom and how to live God’s way. You can read more about it in Matthew 5:17–48.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 78 together.


Did you know…?

Teaching Jesus was about 30 years old when he began teaching people about God. He was known as a “rabbi” or religious teacher. When he sat down, it was a sign that he was going to be teaching important things.

Bless or blessed The word “bless” means “to make happy” and “blessed” means being “happy”.

God’s kingdom Jesus’ main message was that God’s kingdom had come. He didn’t mean that a new country had appeared but that he had come to show people how to live God’s way. They were to think of God as their King. God is on the side of people who are poor, neglected, unfortunate, needy, have fewer opportunities than others and those who suffer. God’s kingdom is built on these people. It’s a very different sort of kingdom than most, which are based on power and money!

Lamp With no electricity and small windows, lamps were used to give light inside houses. They were made of hardened clay and filled with olive oil. A wick was made of a plant called flax or a piece of rag; this went into the spout of the lamp so that one end dipped into the oil. The other end was then set alight. These lamps were smoky and did not give much light, so it was extra-important that they were placed where the light would shine around the room.

Salt This was easily available from the shores of the Dead Sea, which is known for the high level of salt in its water. It was used to stop food going rotten (for example, fresh fish was covered in a thick layer of salt to stop it decaying) and to flavour food.


Try it out

Try these experiments to see what Jesus meant when he talked about his followers being “light for the whole world”. Do these with your Bible Coach or another grown-up and be sensible when using matches.

Experiment 1

You will need:

A large heat-proof bowl

A candle holder

A candle

A box of matches

Light the candle and carefully place the bowl over the top. Now you cannot see the light. Wait a few minutes before moving the bowl away. The candle will have used up all the oxygen and the flame will have gone out. (If you have a glass bowl, you can watch this happen.) The candle was useless under the bowl: it did not shine its light. So what was Jesus saying about his followers?

Experiment 2

You will need:

A candle holder

A candle

A box of matches

A mirror

Light the candle and place the mirror behind it. You will be able to see two flames and the light will appear twice as bright. So what was Jesus saying about his followers?


Talk to God

Use your “blessing box” and be happy about all that God does for you.

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